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A regular exercise, a simple movement that can prevent breast cancer.

This is one of the proven factors that affect breast cancer development.

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Exercise refers to all activities that use muscles in any form, and is not limited to a particular form. Historically, habitual levels of physical activity had been high, but general levels of physical activity have declined with urbanization and industrialization. Nowadays, many people cannot do much physical activities unless doing extra exercise.

In general, doctors say it is necessary to exercise consistently because it can prevent hypertension and diabetes in relation to the metabolic syndrome. Exercise also reduces the incidence of various types of cancer.

Especially, regular exercise can reduce the risk of 'menopausal' breast cancer. Being healthy in early years makes your later years easier.

Regular exercise increases the metabolic efficiency of the body, lowers blood pressure, and reduces insulin resistance. High estrogen level is a risk factor for breast cancer. In postmenopausal women, estrogen and androgen levels are reduced by high level of physical activities. Exercise also strengthens the immune system.

"Then how should I exercise?"

Medically it is defined as a physical activity in which the heart rate increases to 80% of its maximum value. At this point, anaerobic metabolism occurs to supply energy. In the case of breast cancer, the risk of getting it was reduced by 10% when these activities were conducted more than 7 hours a week. One hour a day exercise, it can be a difficult virtue to keep it for workers these days.

Some people might think that they don't need to exercise separately since they work a lot at work and consume much energy. However, several researches have shown that the effects of recreational and occupational activities were opposite. In a study of about 1,100 Asian Americans in Los Angeles, people who did have high recreational physical activity had significantly lower incidence of breast cancer, but those who had more activities at work were not associated with lower risk of cancer. In other words, exercise is more effective when you take time off.

In addition, exercise not only reduces the incidence of breast cancer, but also colon cancer, endometrial cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer!


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