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Hello. STEEMians around the world. Let me introduce myself. I am an emergency physician working in South Korea.


My colleagues have created a STEEM-based on-line medical magazine site ( We are trying to communicate with people around the world with various contents of medicine which many people would have great interests.


It would be our great honor to communicate with world citizens and give useful medical information so that ordinary life of STEEMians can become happier than ever.


I have written some articles before and will translate them in English and Japanese (because I cannot use any other languages T.T)


Please enjoy the blog and visit Mediteam homepage.

この Blogでたくさん楽しんでください。また Mediteam ホームページにも寄ってください。

Have a nice day ^^


PS. Unfortunately, out homepage cannot offer translation function yet. So please use chrome translator for those who cannot understand Korean. Thank you.

PS. 残念な事にホームページにまだ翻訳機能はありません。文を読む時にはクロームの翻訳機能をお使いください。

의사들이 직접 쓰는 최초의 STEEM 의학 매거진


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Prev Article : 3-3 흉통에 대해서 알아보자!! - 기흉 편 Next Article : 3-4 흉통에 대해서 알아보자!! - 폐 아닌 곳에…